gvNIX Workshop in 11th International gvSIG Conference

Step-by-step video tutorials on gvNIX

NOTE: The workshop only is available in Spanish.

gvNIX workshop: Geoportals for viewing and data management rapid development

gvNIX Workshop in 10th gvSIG International Conference where was presented the support for applications with geographic component Geo in 1.4.1 Release. This new feature allows the rapid development of geoportals for visualization and data management.

In this workshop we will focus on GEO component, especially oriented to developers, you can view:

  • Set up a project to work with GEO components
  • Create GEO fields
  • Transform web layer GEO fields to store data
  • Demonstration of creating, updating and visualization of entities with GEO fields
  • Generate empty map
  • Add entities to map
  • Add new layers to the map (Tiles and WMS)
  • Add new tools to map (Custom and included in gvNIX)
  • Add new components to map
  • Setting layers (filterable, selectable icon colors, etc …)
  • Demonstration using filtering and selection Datatables component

More info about workshop prerequisites in this post.