gvNIX 2.0.0.M1 has been released!

First milestone of gvNIX 2.0

This first milestone of gvNIX 2.0 suppose one of the most important refactoring of gvNIX project:

  • gvNIX changes the deployment model, from this version gvNIX is an Spring Roo Addon Suite. To learn how to install gvNIX 2 read Install gvNIX (spanish).

  • For easier maintenance, the source code of each addon has been splitted in two Maven modules:

    • annotations module contains annotations provided by an addon.
    • addon module contains the commands, operations, metadata and services.
  • New infraestructure:

    • Source code has been moved to GitHub, feel free to collaborate with us by sending your pull requests.
    • Artifacts are published in Maven Central.
    • Own OSGi R5 Repository to distribute both gvNIX addons and Roo Addon Suite.
    • Continuous integration system.
  • The web patterns addon has been removed, it has been replaced by the datatables addon.

  • gvNIX 2.0 has important changes, due to that, it contains API changes and less add-ons than previous version so this release is not backward compatible with 1.x. It means gvNIX 2.0 cannot neither update nor modify applications created with gvNIX 1.x.

As always, new version of gvNIX includes some bug fixes and improvements reported by the community.

Thanks to all awesome users who came up with useful bug reports and suggestions.

Improvements on next gvNIX 2.0.0.M2

Currently we are working on gvNIX 2.0.0.M2 that will include the following improvements:

  • Update code generation in order to create applications based on latest versions: Spring framework 4 et al.

    • Move from Spring framework dependencies to Spring IO Platform
  • Update 3rd party libraries to latest versions such as Dandelion Datatables.

As always, you’ll also find gvNIX on Twitter - either follow @gvNIX or just include #gvNIX in your tweets.

Stay tuned to gvNIX news!