gvNIX 1.5.1.RC1 released

The gvNIX development team is pleased to announce that gvNIX 1.5.1.RC1 has been released.

This release is built over Spring Roo 1.3.2. It includes important bug fixes and many improvements.

This new release includes highlights improvements on Geo component with the the improvements on Leaftlet library and bug fixes on the Datatables component.

Let’s take a tour over gvNIX 1.5.1.RC1.

Improvements and fixed errors

Geo Component

  • Added support for displaying actual coordinates on the map view
  • Fixed Clean tool error
  • Fixed isFilterChanged Leaflet error

Loupe Components

  • Fixed error to show a list element
  • Adding many improvements loupe components

Datatables component

  • Fixed Loupe component position error in a row in editing online view
  • Fixed Filtering Wizard error
  • Improved DataTables processing bar which it consumed CPU

Web Layer

  • Fixed date field error with Bootstrap CSS stylesheets datepicker
  • Improved form validation


  • Fixed jpa audit all error


  • Fixed SignUpController error on Typical Security


  • Fixed monitoring commands error

Reference documentation

  • Fixed error to generate reference documentation at executable code
  • Documentation complete review

Are you Rooing?

Enjoy with gvNIX and Spring Roo.

gvNIX Team!