gvNIX 1.5.1.RC3 released

The gvNIX development team is pleased to announce that gvNIX 1.5.1.RC3 has been released.

This release is built over Spring Roo 1.3.2. It provides bug fixes and minor enhancements on Geo component, Loupe Component, Menu and Theme.

This new release includes minor improvements on Geo component and bug fixes on the Loupe Component, JQuery and Datatables component, as well as the revision and updating of documentation.

Let’s take a tour over gvNIX 1.5.1.RC3.

Improvements and fixed errors

Datatables Component

  • Fixed error in 3 levels of detail.


  • Added support for time field in the date selection datapicker.

Loupe Component

  • Fixed error for loading Loupe field in the inline edition.

Geo Component

  • Added support for cleaning labels layer with the cleaning tool.
  • Added improvement to place the focus on the map to click on a global tool.
  • Fixed error on Popup layer in entity_simple of lines.
  • Fixed error in the color legend lines in entity_field layer.
  • Added JavaDoc in QuerydslUtilsBeanGeoImpl and DatatablesUtilsBeanGeoImpl classes.
  • Fixed error on showOnlyList method. New methods ShowOnlyListMapFilter and selectorMapFilter.
  • Improved deselection tools. Tool “hand” by default.
  • Added support to generate tooltip for Geo tools.
  • Improved CSS styles for the TOC display on mobile devices.
  • Added refactor selection event layers Fancytree.


  • Fixed error duplicate repository gvNIX External Libraries repo in pom.xml.

Reference documentation

  • Documentation complete review

    • Added –srs parameter on field geo command.
    • Updated Spring Security link.

Are you Rooing?

Enjoy with gvNIX and Spring Roo.

gvNIX Team!