gvNIX 1.4.0 released

The gvNIX development team is pleased to announce the release of gvNIX 1.4.0.

This release is based on Spring Roo 1.3.0 and includes several bug fixes and new features.

There are two quick start guides available where you can take a look at the new and previous gvNIX functionalities:

Let’s take a tour over the main new features of gvNIX 1.4.0.

Spring Roo 1.3.0 migration

gvNIX has been updated to Spring Roo 1.3.0

Migration to maven central

The gvNIX components have been published to Maven central.

Maps support

This is one of the most interesting functionality of gvNIX 1.4.0. This new gvNIX add-on allows to add easily to your application the management and visualization of geographic information, based on tools like Hibernate Spatial and Leaflet.

There is also available a presentation about gvNIX with maps support from the 10th gvNIX Conference.

Also, you can take a look at the sample demo application.

Performance monitoring

A new gvNIX add-on allow to add performance monitoring based on the JavaMelody tool.

There is a sample in the demo application.

Tables improvements

The generated tables allow a new wizard for the generation of simple filters.

Enjoy with gvNIX and Spring Roo.

gvNIX Team!