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gvNIX 1.2.0 released

The gvNIX development team is pleased to announce that gvNIX 1.2.0 has been released.

This release is built over Spring Roo 1.2.4. It includes critical bug fixes and new features.

In this new release are featured Datatables integration, dynamic tables with JQuery, and tabular editing and creating inline.

Let’s take a tour over gvNIX 1.2.0.


Screen pattern addon:

  • Added support to inline editing and creating in tabular pattern

  • Spreadsheet format for inline editing and creating in tabular pattern

  • Added support to select multiple registers in tabular pattern

  • Added support to edit multiple selected registers in tabular pattern. The changes in each register no persistences

  • Added support to select all rows with a only button.

  • Row selection to edit or show detail in tabular pattern.

  • Row selection to show detail in register pattern.

  • Added support to CUD en batch in tabular pattern.

  • Fix pagination error on patterns.

Datatables addon:

  • Updated dandelion-datatables version to 0.9.2

  • Show options combo for number type attributes.

  • Added support to do AJAX date search from global search.

  • Show tabular pattern when a new register has been created.

  • Modified excel export icon.

  • Checked if controller is jQuery annotated before add dataTables annotation

  • Fixed problem on Datatables in show mode

  • Fixed construction of “rooKey” to obtain the default date pattern.

  • Fixed script datatables-pkc error in duplicated conversionService property

  • Fixed error to delete only selected elements in detail pattern


  • Updated “Maven Java Formatter” plugin to version 0.4

  • Change license in taglib and utils to Apache v2

  • Upgrade Posgis wrapper version to 1.5.8

Add-on jpa2:

  • Fixes jpa .aj file regeneration without entity changes.

Add-on web mvc:

  • Fixed visibility of “web mvc batch ” commands

add-on jpa-batch:

  • Fixed error of “jpa batch add” command availability indicator

Reference documentation update:

  • Documentation complete review

Are you Rooing?

Enjoy with gvNIX and Spring Roo.

gvNIX Team!