Documentation gvNIX 1.0.0version

gvNIX 1.0.0 released

The gvNIX development team is pleased to announce that gvNIX 1.0.0 has been released.

This release is built over Spring Roo 1.2.2 and includes 50 tasks, enhancements and fixes over previous version 0.8.2. Most of the work has focused on the screen patterns add-on and on the compatibility of all add-ons with Spring Roo 1.2.2.

We highlight the main improvements:


Updated base Roo version from 1.1.5.RELEASE to 1.2.2.RELEASE

Screen pattern addon:

  • Refactor source code
  • “new” var name not allowed in update.tagx into Tomcat 7
  • Tabular pattern with register edition
  • Mater tabular / detail tabular pattern
  • Support for detail patterns with ManyToMany relations
  • Support for composite PK in tabular, tabular register edition and register
  • Heigth of detail tabular pattern
  • Duplicated method when two patterns applied into same controller
  • Property without value on view select error
  • Master pattern generates not existent detail
  • Pattern not shows date with the valid pattern
  • Generate functional tabular and register PKS tests
  • Complete functional tabular and register PKC tests in update and delete
  • Execute functiona tests from hudson

Exception addon:

  • Add-on Web MVC Dialog: i18n “button_cancel” property not exists

CIT security addon:

  • Unify cit security classes at same package

Typical security

  • Public access to forgotpassword and signup without menu

Theme addon:

  • Increment menu high at home

Service addon:

  • Replace command ‘service’ with ‘remote service’
  • Use Roo Maven service to work remote service commands from Eclipse
  • Security addon service method handle already exists

OCC addon:

  • Error in concurrency with composite identifier

Reference documentation update:

  • Documentation complete review

Spring Roo core improvements:

  • In some cases countEntitied method fails
  • toString method can cause OutOfMemoryError Java heap space
  • Not allow JoinColumns with some JoinColumn with distinct nullable attributes
  • Avoid “can’t present annotation”
  • New option in reverse engineer to avoid a version column with @Version annotation
  • New option in reverse engineer to avoid generated idetifiers
  • No validate database in startup when not included non portable attributes