gvNIX in 7th Latin America an Caribbean Conference gvSIG

Presentation and workshop of gvNIX in Mexico

This year we will be in the 7th Latin American and Caribbean Conference gvSIG, conference to take place in Toluca, Mexico, from 26 to 28 August.

gvNIX will be announced as a new product of the Association gvSIG.

Several members of the Association gvSIG team and the DISID Corporation development team will be presented the gvNIX tool to participate actively in the conference with workshops and presentations.

The presentation gvNIX: Rapid development of geoportals for visualization and data management will be Friday August 28 at 11:30 local time; gvNIX workshop: Development gvNIX tool for rapid development of Java geoportals will be held on 26 and 28 August from 16h to 20h local time.

In this workshop we will focus on GEO component, especially oriented to developers.

For those who want to participate in the workshop and also want to go along the various exercises, the prerequisites are:

In the practical part, the workshop will see how:

  • Create PostgreSQL database with PostGIS extension (to streamline the workshop recommended that the attendees have already configured)
  • Set up a project to work with GEO components
  • Create a project based on gvNIX entity model with GEO fields
  • Generate web layer (datatables, Bootstrap, jQuery, etc …)
  • Transform web layer GEO fields to store data
  • Demonstration of creating, updating and visualization of entities with GEO fields
  • Generate empty map
  • Add entities to map
  • Add new layers to the map (Tiles and WMS)
  • Add new tools to map (Custom and included in gvNIX)
  • Setting layers (filterable, selectable icon colors, etc …)
  • Demonstration using filtering and selection Datatables component

At the end of the workshop, attendees will have a Geoportal that looks like this:

The Registration remains open, and as in all gvSIG event is free, with places are limited.

On the website of the conference can consult the program full of activities with the papers to be presented at the conference 7a Latin American and Caribbean gvSIG.

We wait for you!