gvNIX 5th Anniversary

gvNIX is celebrating its 5th anniversary!

gvNIX is celebrating its 5th anniversary!

For 5 years now, Generalitat Valenciana put their faith in the development of this open source tool for rapid Java web application development, a development environment highly productive, flexible and does not compromise the quality of projects.

5 years of innovation and commitment to free software, years of work and hundreds of commits, fixing issues and continuous improvements, during which we moving away from a framework towards a complete development tool for your Java projects.

Over the course of the past 5 years, during which user community has grown and evolved with gvNIX; 5 years during which have grown the number of projects, both privately and in public administration; 5 years during which it makes a firm commitment to training, at both companies and public administration and, of course, students at different education centers. 5 years during which gvNIX is consolidated as standard for Java development of the General Directorate for Information Technologies (GDIT) of the Generalitat Valenciana.

The growth forecast of gvNIX is exciting and ensures steady improvement proposal and participation of developer community, join efforts and share knowledge.

Congratulations to each and every one of the development team of gvNIX! Thanks to all users of gvNIX!

Our way

We grow and learn with each new project

  • Primera versión de gvNIX con core APPFUSE

    july 2010

    First gvNIX version with APPFUSE core

    The project starts sponsored by the CIT of the Generalitat Valenciana for the beginning of its activity in Java technologies.

  • versión de gvNIX con core Spring Roo

    October 2010

    ROO core migration

    Increasing productivity based on code generation passive and active. It facilitates programming code that actually adds value.

  • gvNIX Training Program

    September 2011

    gvNIX Training Program

    Modular training itinerary that allows acquire expertise in gvNIX and Spring Roo, people with different profiles and levels of knowledge of the Java language. Organized by the COIICV.

  • gvNIX Training Program

    November-December 2011

    Participation in the gvSIG Conference and MoskittDay

    First participation in the International gvSIG Conference and presentation of the tool at the 3rd edition of MOSKittDay in Valencia. MOSKitt is an integrated project on gvPontis (Free Software migration integral project).

  • 2ª Jornada TODSA-WEB

    abril 2012

    Presentation at the 2nd TODSA-WEB Conference

    The gvNIX environment development was central axis of the 2nd Technology Oriented Development Services and Web Applications Conference within the training plan of the Masters Course in Systems and Services in the Information Society of the University of Valencia.

  • gvSIG Roads

    september 2013

    Valencia Regional Council choose gvNIX to develop application for integral management of roads

    Development of a management application for roads maintenance, a project that integrates mapping and data management on gvNIX, together with gvSIG, for Valencia Regional Council.

  • Estándar de desarrollo Java de la GVA


    GVA choose GVNIX as GVA Java development tool

    gvNIX has become the official standard for Java development of the General Directorate for Information and Communication Technologies (DGTIC) of the Generalitat Valenciana.

  • IT Week 2014

    April 2014

    Participation in the IT Week

    The holding of the seminar gvNIX, the standard for Java development of the Generalitat within the IT Week, a meeting point for IT professionals from Valencia organized by the COIICV.

  • Free gvNIX seminar at UPV

    May 2014


    DISID, as leader of the project, and the School of Computing (ETSINF) organise a seminar of a 12-hour wich introduce you how gvNIX can help you to develop Java applications.

  • gvSIG Association Product

    November 2014

    The gvSIG Association took over the management of gvNIX

    gvNIX joins the catalog of the gvSIG Association and comes under its management, extended the range of applications of geomatics. With gvNIX the gvSIG Association takes a step beyond the IDE/Geoportal solutions.

  • Migration to Maven Central

    December 2014


    The gvNIX components have been published to Maven central. As an open source project we allow users to build with Maven to have transparent access to their project's artifacts.

  • gvNIX present at the 10th gvSIG Conference

    December 2014

    gvNIX present at the 10th gvSIG Conference

    gvNIX presents the support for applications with geographic component GEO at 10th International gvSIG Conference. With a paper and a workshop, gvNIX was presented as a tool for rapid development of geoportals for visualization and data management.

  • Free gvNIX seminar at ETSINF

    February-June 2015

    Free gvNIX seminar at ETSINF

    The School of Computing (ETSINF) of the Polytechnic University of Valencia in collaboration with the technological company DISID offer free training seminars on the gvNIX tool to their students.

  • gvNIX Training

    March 2015


    The DGTIC, the gvSIG Association, the technology company DISID and Institutes of the Valencian Community, have joined forces to train free of charge to young students of Computer Engineering and Higher Degree in web Application Development on use of the development environment gvNIX.

  • Next Agost 2015

    gvNIX at the 7th gvSIG Conference

    gvNIX will be present at the 7th gvSIG Latin American and Caribbean Conference to provide the workshop Development on gvNIX, tool for rapid development of geoportals on Java

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